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Antique & Vintage Jewellery

Our range,  selected for originality, craftsmanship & history, is varied and includes Victorian, Edwardian & Art Deco Originals. Also Tribal & Ethnic, & Retro.

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Furniture, Lighting & Mirrors

Antique & Vintage, Furniture & Lighting from the Georgian Era to 1960s, in good original condition. You will also find examples of Primitive, Ethnic & Tribal Pieces.

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Ceramics & Glass

From the Ancient and Antique through to Modern times, chosen for their uniqueness and quality. Including Art Glass, Studio Pottery & Ethnic Ceramics

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Art, Prints and Photography

Original Paintings & Drawings, Sculpture, Vintage & Antique Prints, Early Photography. Aesthetics, Inspiration & Decorative Value are essential factors in our collection.

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Rugs, Carpets and Textiles

Antique & Semi Antique Oriental Rugs from around the globe, chosen for their colour & quality of materials. Textiles to include Costume & Decorative Items with a History.

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Rare Museum Quality Beads

Rare Beads from Private Collections, collected over the years from all over the world. Gemstones, Glass, Wood, Copal, Trade & Tribal Unique Beads.

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Natural History Collection

 MineralsAmmoniteShells & other Fossils. Our Current Specimens originate from English Victorian Country Houses & European Collectors.

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Religious art & Artefacts

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Decorative Objects

A unique collection of one of statement pieces in a variety of materials, techniques, colours & patterns. Space Enhancing & thought provoking Objects.

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